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Last Updated: 14 April 2024

Still Keeping To Myself

I'm still keeping to myself and living an anonymous private life. I'm happiest when I'm writing code, composing and recording electronic/rock music, and drinking iced mocha frappuccinos.

I keep to a close circle of trusted friends. I don't like social drama & intrusions. It's ok to email me though! I'm also on Mastodon, but I like email best.

Switched From Windows To Linux & Haiku

I'm worried about the future of Windows and macOS. I don't want a machine full of ads & distractions. I want to be focused. So I'm looking for an escape hatch.

I now use elementaryOS, a version of Linux focused on design & usability. I also use Haiku, an open source BeOS remake.

I can do about 75% of my computer work from Linux now. But I still use Windows & an old Mac for music software, Affinity Photo & Photoshop. But I use Haiku or Linux whenever I can now.

All-In On Mastodon

I joined Mastodon a year ago, but now I have my own paid solo server, hosted by Masto.host: @kohan@mastodon.kohanikin.com

Having your own server is a huge improvement. You see only what is chosen by you. Not by the crowd or a volunteer moderator with different interests. You set the rules. By using FediBuzz Relays, I can import just the posts with topics (hashtags) I'm interested in. I still see interesting posts from people I don't follow, but without celebrity gossip or political activism.

Revisiting My Old Discography

A musician friend recently asked about my old music, so I've been sorting through old unreleased songs to see what I can share. Most of my music is cringeworthy, but the interest has been energizing. Pointing to different directions I hadn't considered before. If nothing else, I'm enjoying finding an entirely new network of people, reading their blogs, listening to their podcasts and watching their interviews.

Compiling GoLang For Haiku

Haiku has a very old version (v1.4) of the Go programming language. It's missing a lot of features and can't access the network. I'm trying to cross-compile a newer version (v1.18), based on work that others started but didn't complete. I'm not qualified for this task, but no-one else seems to be working on it, so I may as well try. If I can get more Go programs working on Haiku, I can do more of my work from Haiku instead of Windows.

(Update: I'm still interested in doing this, but writing the Go network stack for Haiku is a big task that is probably beyond my skills. So this is paused for the moment while I focus on other (more profitable) things.)




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