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Last Updated: 22 May 2024

Still Keeping To Myself

I still keep to myself and live an anonymous private life. I'm happiest when I'm writing code, composing and recording electronic/rock music, and drinking iced mocha frappuccinos.

I keep to a close circle of trusted friends. I don't like social drama & intrusions. It's ok to email me though! I'm on Mastodon, but I prefer email.

Finished Watching Eurovision 2024

Eurovision is over for another year. I didn't go this year, though I did meet Australia's 2023 contestant Voyager the week before, and grabbed a drink with a couple of Eurovision fans. And of course, stayed up until 3am to watch all the Eurovision finals broadcast live.

But geez, what an awful Eurovision year. The boycotts, protests, disqualifications, artist walkouts, confrontational fans... it just isn't fun anymore. It has sucked all the joy out of an event that I looked forward to.

What really hurts is that this chaos and drama has pushed some of the nicest, most positive fans out of the Eurovision community. I miss them, and I'm really upset about that.

I am grateful that a few Eurovision fans really are truly wonderful and kind.

Switched From Windows To Linux & Haiku

I'm worried about the future of Windows and macOS. I don't want a machine full of ads & distractions. I want to be focused. So I'm looking for an escape hatch.

I now use elementaryOS, a version of Linux focused on design & usability. I also use Haiku, an open source BeOS remake.

I can do about 70% of my computer work from Linux now. But I still use Windows & an old Mac for music software, Affinity Photo & Photoshop. But I use Haiku or Linux whenever I can now.

All-In (ish) On Mastodon

I joined Mastodon a year ago, but now I have my own paid solo server, hosted by Masto.host: @kohan@mastodon.kohanikin.com

Having your own server is a huge improvement. You see only what is chosen by you. Not by the crowd or a volunteer moderator with different interests. You set the rules. By using FediBuzz Relays, I can import just the posts with topics (hashtags) I'm interested in. I still see interesting posts from people I don't follow, but without celebrity gossip or political activism.

(Well, until the political activists start spamming the hashtags you follow. There are some really horrible people on Mastodon after all.)

It's hard to recommend Mastodon to "regular people". I pay $130/year to run my solo Mastodon server. I prefer it to other social media, but it's hard to justify.

Blogging Again, Maybe

I went through my dozens (hundreds?) of blog post drafts that I've been writing over the years. Last month I finally finished one to a point where I think I like it, and it's online now. So perhaps I'll post more often. Posting publicly still feels like sticking my head above the parapet, though.




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