What I'm Doing In July 2020

Last Updated: 4 July 2020

Where I Am

I'm at home, in wet and wintery Perth, Australia. Still feeling upbeat, positive and slightly productive.

Looking out towards the street over a trimmed hedge
        and freshly mowed lawn, on a gloomy day as rain falls heavily. A large
        tree without any leaves stands in the background.

The Western Australian border remains closed to the rest of Australia and the world, but our cafes, bars and nightclubs are open and back to normal (the state only has 3 coronavirus cases). I'm continuing to stay home though. I just really like working from home. It's quieter, calmer, and all my favorite things are here.

What I'm Doing Lately

Much of my quarantine has been spent gardening, tidying the house, and updating my financial records for tax time. I'm working on things I'd put off for months because they felt daunting. It feels good to be on top of things, and it's uplifting to look out the window on a tidier yard.

A pink hibsicus flower fallen onto green grass, with raindrops
        beading on the leaf of the flower

I started writing a private journal a few weeks into CoViD-19. I wish I'd kept a record from the start of what happened during the outbreak. Keeping a journal of what I do each day and what's on my mind has made it easier to see the distractions that get in my way each day, and how I can improve my daily routine.

I've started programming again. I'm currently writing Photoshop plug-ins in C with Visual Studio 2015, using the FilterMeister VS programming framework. I've considered writing tutorials or a technical book on how to make Photoshop plug-ins, but it's a lot of work for a niche audience. I doubt it would be worthwhile. So I'm just refreshing my own Photoshop plug-ins for now.

Screenshot of the Arturia OB-Xa V soft-synth

I got the new Arturia OB-Xa V soft-synth during quarantine. I'm just writing music for myself at the moment. One track I'm writing is made only with the OB-Xa. I like the idea of working within constraints and creating rules for a composition, like "every sound in this piece must come from only this synthesizer".

Pushing The Button...?

When home quarantines started worldwide, it reminded me of Season 2 of Lost. There's a scene with a man living alone in quarantine, doing his daily exercises, making breakfast, listening to music, and regularly typing codes into a computer. Much like my own daily quarantine routine.

Someone made a website that simulates the Lost computer, and I found it to be a helpful timeboxing productivity technique. Every task I do has to fit into 108 minutes before I have to type the code again and push the button. If I leave the house for food, I have to be back in 108 minutes to push the button. I even have a Dharma Initiative Swan Station medallion I bought on eBay to remind me to push the button.

Yeah, it's clearly cabin fever driving me to do this. But it's also a reminder to make the most of every 108 minutes.

My Dharma Initiative medallion

Things I'm Not Doing

What I'm Listening To Now

What I'm Reading Right Now

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers' Now page idea.

Published 4 July 2020 // Links updated 26 April 2024

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