Café Story


Many years ago, I didn't go out to the café so often.

I did most of my work from home.

One day, I was having a really lousy day.

I thought a mocha might cheer me up.

It was nearly closing time, so I raced to get to the café in time.

The café owner was serving on the counter that day.

I guess he saw how depressed I was.

He said:

"I guarantee this coffee will make your day better!"

I told him that was the exact reason I'd run all the way to the café that day.

So the guy takes my hands — I know, a little weird — and says:

"I wish you good health, good fortune, and a wonderful day."

Like it was a blessing, or something.

It was the nicest thing.

So that's why I'm so loyal to that café.

All the people are so nice & friendly there.


Many months later, things were going much better.

I was visiting the café often now, maybe 3 times a week.

One day, the owner was serving on the counter again.

I gave him a big smile as I ordered my mocha.

He said:

"You are always so happy! You must be my happiest customer!"
"What is your secret? How are you so happy to everyone?"

and I was able to reply:

"I learned that from you."

22 April // ©2024 Kohan Ikin.