Uncontacted Civilization

I've been reading today about an "uncontacted tribe" in Brazil. An organization called Survival has been monitoring the tribe, and while it isn't an "undiscovered" or "lost" tribe, it has remained apart from mainstream modern society.

Uncontacted Tribe

Source: Uncontacted Tribes

Survival filmed the tribe from a plane they flew over the area. The tribe presumably have little concept of modern life or modern technology.

You can see the look on their faces as they see the aeroplane. It seems like a mix of bewilderment, curiosity, and anger. One of them appears to be targeting the plane with his bow & arrow.

Do you think others in the tribe will believe them when they talk of the giant mechanical bird that doesn't flap its wings? Or perhaps they understand exactly what it is - an unidentified flying object, flown by intelligent beings. But what possible purpose would intelligent life have in flying above them? Are they friendly, hostile? Are they coming to take over and colonize their land?

The Survival organization is working to protect these people and their way of life. To ensure that their environment / habitat is not exploited by others, and to ensure that they remain uncontacted.

“It should be their choice whether to make contact or not.”

So, there are all these people outside of the tribe's knowledge, who are working to ensure the tribe's protection and continued survival. They do this simply because they believe it's the right thing to do. And yet, the tribe may never know there are all these people around the world working to protect them. They may never know that their existence is indebted to people they've never seen.

It made me wonder. Is the entire human race an "uncontacted tribe"?

How do we know there aren't alien civilizations who know of our existence, and who are protecting us from hostile civilizations? Perhaps there are aliens who fly past the Earth to film and record us to prove our existence to other civilizations. Who campaign for our protection, and prove there are civilizations out there that aren't yet part of the 'modern galactic society'. To insist that it should be the choice of the Humans whether or not to make contact with 'modern society'.

I'm not trying to argue for or against the existence of alien life here. I've read the US WikiLeaks documents on UFOs, I've seen that we really don't know much about aliens at all. But it is an interesting thought - that as important and advanced as we think ourselves to be, we could just be a tiny uncontacted civilization.

It's a humbling thought.

February 5.
©2011 Kohan Ikin.